Dry Skin FAQ

How should I use Bepanthen® Moisturiser ?

Gently apply to the whole body as required, with clean hands or cotton wool  

Where can you obtain Bepanthen® Moisturiser  ?

Bepanthen® Moisturiser is a cosmetic product available in pharmacies and grocery stores in a 100 ml tube.

How is Babies Skin different from adult skin?

The skin of babies is more delicate than that of adults and can be damaged by coarse fabrics or rough towels for example. This is partly because baby skin is slightly thinner than adult skin (about 20 to 30%, but not five times thinner as has often been reported) and also because skin responds to the environment and babies are making the transition from life in the womb to life in the outside world. Baby skin also has a higher surface pH (a scientific measure of acidity or alkalinity).

Products intended to be used on babies and infants are formulated to take account of these factors; for example, they use milder cleansers, low levels of fragrance and carefully control the pH to ensure compatibility. Also, there is an enhanced safety assessment legally required for all cosmetic products intended for use on children under three years of age.

How does baby lotion work?

Baby lotions are essentially a blend of oil and water with other ingredients added to give them their pleasant feel, colour and light fragrance. They are designed to cleanse, moisturise and protect your baby's skin and can be used as an alternative to baby wipes.

Are baby lotions safe?

As with all cosmetics intended for use on children under three years old, baby lotions have to pass their own special safety assessment, so parents can feel reassured that they are safe to use on young children's skin. You should, however, avoid using baby lotion on newborns and very young infants as the skin is still developing; it is initially better to use cotton wool and water as advised by healthcare professionals.